Our mission is to collaboratively provide emotional and psychological assistance and resources for young people who identify or are perceived as gender variant and/or trans. Our aim is to share information about the unique needs and experiences of this community with families, allies, educators, and service providers to ensure, advocate, and promote a healthy, caring, and safe environment for all gender-variant youth.


Matimba envisions a world that allows and empowers transgender and gender variant youth to express themselves in all spaces that they occupy. A world that is conducive for trans and gender-variant youth to be themselves with the support of their family and allies.

What We Do

Support Spaces

Children and Teenagers Hangout space.

Parents and Caregivers Support Space.

Teachers and Educators Support Space


Needs Analysis 

Legal Gender Recognition for Minors 

Access to Education for Transgender Minors in South Africa 


Social inclusion working group in basic education

School staff training

Professional Services

Consultations on policy development

Public Engagement


Panel discussions