About Us

Who We Are

our_team_2 Matimba (Xitsonga word for strength and power) is an organisation that was founded in 2019 to advocate transgender and gender-variant kids and teenagers and their families in order to cultivate a healthy, caring and safe environment for these kids and teenagers to grow up in. We do work with families, schools and all other avenues that may impact the lives of transgender and gender-variant young people and their development. We advocate for these individuals to access adequate and competent services for them to happy and healthy childhoods.


Organization Direction

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to collaboratively provide emotional and psychological assistance and resources for youth aged 19 and under who identify or are perceived as gender variant and/or trans. Our aim is to share information about the unique needs and experiences of this community with families, allies, educators and service providers to ensure, to advocate and to promote a healthy, caring, and safe environment for all gender variant youth.


Matimba envision is a world where trans and gender variant youth can have a childhood that all children deserve, inclusive of accessible education and healthcare free from stigmatisation, pathologization and discrimination.