Our Team

Advisory Group

Matimba has an advisory group that is made of 5 trans and gender variant individuals between the ages of 6 and 19 from different socio economic and racial groups who together with and the traditional board look at all proposed ideas by the advisory committee and strategies with consultation of the staff on how these ideas will be implemented..

Khala is a 11-year-old boy that loves to draw and enjoys music, he would love to be an animator and performer when he grows up.
Lwazi is a 15year old that hates school but totally loves fashion, he spends half his days creating content for social media.
Daniela is the most precious 6year old that describes herself as a lover of cooking and eating.
Ray is an introvert 13, they spend most of their days drawing and calculating. Yes, their favourite school subject is maths.
Is a 17 year old lover of history and more specifically queer history, she has possibly read every article ever written on Marsha P Johnson and Stonewall that she can get her hands on.