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Below is a list of resources and their descriptions to help you find what you need.


How to Change Your Gender Marker

A guide detailing what you need, where to go, how long the process takes, and next steps in changing your gender marker.

Access to Education for Trans and Gender Diverse Youth

An exploration of the dynamics of inclusion and exclusion within schools focus on the need for educational change while presenting concrete steps on how policy can reflect this.


A glossary of terms and their definitions related to LGBTIQ identities.


LGBTIQ Ally Facilitation Guide

A guide designed to sensitise school communities around gender and sexual diversity in secondary schools located in underserved communities in order to decrease discrimination and violence toward LGBTIQ identifying learners.

LGBTIQ Safe Schools Guide

A guide designed to help educators, caregivers, school governing bodies (SGB’s) and students to create a safer space for LGBTIQ students.

Out of the Margins

LBT+ Exclusion Through the Lens of the SDGs

A report on key research findings from the global Out of the Margins network.